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CLPD response to seven MPs deciding to leave Labour

Briefing office

February 18 2019. Earlier today seven MPs, elected to parliament on Labour's 2017 manifesto, resigned from the Labour Party, letting down millions of people who stand to benefit from the election of a Labour government.

Since the election of Jeremy Corbyn as its Leader, the Labour Party's priority has been the defence of people's living standards and ending Tory austerity. Labour is fighting for policies that will vastly improve people's lives.

The Labour Party is a broad church, with a diverse range of views, even inclusive of those that oppose the party's progressive agenda. Regrettably, the small number of MPs that have left the party will campaign against Labour and assist the Tories hang on in government.

The attacks made on the Labour Party, by the departing MPs, are entirely false. In particular, the Labour Party is totally committed to eliminating prejudice and bigotry, including antisemitism, where ever it exits in society and Labour's Leader Jeremy Corbyn is absolutely resolute in this fight.

The overwhelming majority of Labour MPs and members will continue to work hard for the election of a Labour government.