David Rosenberg

"Palestine should become an independent state. Its freedom and the equal rights of its two communities should be internationally guaranteed."

David Rosenberg

Thinking today of the Palestinian families and communities terrorised and forced from their land and villages in the struggle waged by Zionists in 1948 who claimed to be acting on behalf of the Jewish people. Thinking too of those Palestinians who have lost their lives today, and in recent weeks, in protests seeking to attain their rights.

Recalling with anger the complicity of major powers in the world, including the USA, who by their refusal to consider giving refuge to the Jews languishing in Europe's DP camps after the Holocaust, gave strength to those forces who solved one refugee question by creating another one - one that has continued now for 70 years. And recalling too, how the leader of the USA in 2018 continues to inflame the situation in Palestine, against the rights of the Paestinians and against the interests of Jews both in the Diaspora and in Israel.

Remembering with pride those Jews who fought against Zionist ideology and fought against the catastrophe that would unfold in 1948 - such as the remnants of the Jewish socialist BUND, which included many Holocaust survivors. In statements made in 1947/48 the Bund reiterated its longstanding commitment to diasporism, its continued opposition to all nationalism including Zionism, and its continued commitment to the principles of freedom, equality, justice and internationalism. This is what the Bund said:

"Any solution of the Palestine problem contradictory to the principles of democracy and justice is bound to be wrong. The only way out from the present situation is to achieve independence for the country as well as freedom for its entire population by a guarantee of the national rights of both communities... The peaceful co-existence of Jews and Arabs must be brought about by the renunciation of the Zionist goal of an independent Jewish state on the part of the Jewish community on the one hand; and on the other by the Arabs' recognition of the basic democratic principle proclaiming that a country belongs to its entire population. Palestine should thus be regarded as belonging both to the Arabs and the Jews. Palestine should become an independent state. its freedom and the equal rights of its two communities should be internationally guaranteed."

is a member of Islington North Labour Party, a co-founder of Jews for Jeremy Facebook page, and active in the Jewish Socialists’ Group