Wirral left in good health

OVER 80 ACTIVISTS attended the Wirral Momentum meeting on 12th June, to discuss the situation after the election.

Margaret Greenwood MP received a great reception. She thanked activists from her constituency and from across Wirral, Merseyside, and beyond who had flooded into Wirral West and helped turn a majority of just over 400 into one of over 5,000.

Alan Runswick analysed the fast moving situation. A wide-ranging discussion with many speakers from the floor covered the huge rift in the Tory Party over Brexit, the DUP, likely national developments, and what needed to be done to get a majority Labour government with socialist policies.

There was support for defending and developing the radical policies in the manifesto, and for improving the position on Trident and Israel/Palestine. People spoke for democratising the Party, with selection of Labour candidates at all levels by the members being a normal party process. There was a mood for unity, but also to stick with the shadow cabinet that had delivered such a great election campaign. Activists wondered what the outcome might have been without two years of sniping criticism from the Labour right wing.

Some speakers had worked hard in the campaign despite being excluded from Labour. People felt that the Party should reverse the purge of “the wrong sort of socialists” and former Green Party activists. There was real enthusiasm for building a democratic socialist Labour Party in all four Wirral constituencies, with a call for Wallasey Constituency Labour Party to be reinstated now that all the allegations about its Annual General Meeting have been dropped.

The Wirral Labour left is in good health, and will continue to link up with other socialists across Merseyside.