Brighton and Hove Labour Party suspended

The Brighton, Hove and District Labour Party has been suspended, and its recent election results annulled. A letter from the party’s national executive committee (NEC) reads:

‘Following the recent Brighton and Hove AGM, many complaints and reports of concern have been made to the National Labour Party. These allege abusive behaviour by some attendees, as well as reports that the ballots were not properly reached. We are particularly concerned that the safety of the members at the meeting was compromised.

The decision of the Chair of the NEC’s Disputes Panel is that the results of this AGM be voided. There will be a new AGM, under the following conditions:

  • It will take place after the result of the national leadership election
  • It will be organised and operated by the party staff and members of the regional board, who wil also act as monitors
  • It will be held in a larger venue

The procedural rules of the leadership election state that no CLP meetings may be held during the contest. Brighton and Hove Labour Party is also precluded from meeting to make a supporting nomination, or any other business. Please note that this also precludes Brighton and Hove Labour Party from holding any leadership hustings. The activities of some duing the and following the AGM may put the saftey of members at risk should any further meetings be held until the contest is over.

I hope that the local party will return to comradely conduct, and that this matter will soon be behind you.’

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