Time to Organize

As with McCarthyism, the Labour Party witch-hunt is being cheered on by desperate and conniving politicians, not just by a large body of Labour MPs, but many others in the party, bureaucrats and careerists, who by hook or by crook want to pull it back from the radical course promised by Jeremy’s leadership victory.

I am making a break for freedom. I will continue to work to secure the best outcome I can in relation to Europe - but I want to also focus on mobilising our movement to tackle some of the pressing problems our people are encountering in their daily lives now.


The mature Acosta plays himself in the film, dancing some electrifying performances. Mike Phipps reviews

Some thoughts on Brexit, schoolkids and climate change

In December 2004, when a tsunami hit the beach at Aceh, it didn't ask whether it was the Germans or the French who had taken all the deckchairs. It didn't ask whether bathers were Jewish, Catholic, Hindus or Muslim. It swept away all in its path. For those who could hear nature's early warnings, the only sensible message was “Get the **** off the beach!”