Until the party's complaints process is operated fairly and impartially there will be no end to this factional warfare.

Fast food shutdown

At 11am, striking workers from McDonald’s TGI Fridays and Wetherspoons came together for a rally in Leicester Square, the heart of the UK’s hospitality industry. There, Frances O’Grady and John McDonnell spoke alongside workers taking industrial action. John expressed the “100% support” of the Labour Party.

Grenfell – cutting corners

The inquiry has become a battleground between the May government and the powerful cladding and building lobbies on one side – who it seems are still trying to protect business interests by stealth – and the community and firefighters on the other.

"Your planet needs you"

CUADRILLA IS BEGINNING FRACKING in Lancashire, blasting water, sand and chemicals at great volume deep underground to blast apart shale rock - with Ineos, owned by the richest man in Britain, Jim Ratcliffe, waiting in the wings near Chesterfield and Sheffield.