Carnival of Resistance: Stop Trump!

Mobilising globally against Trump is a hugely popular cause that can put millions on the streets: all the more vital that the voices of those most oppressed by this most oppressive president are heard, loud and clear.

Women and the housing crisis

In the 1960s my family spent six months in bed and breakfasts, abandoned factories, empty houses and finally a hostel, from where we progressed to our first council home – a temporary, damp, one bedroomed flat. A housing officer inspected us weekly for twelve months to prove that we were ‘respectable’ enough to be offered permanent council housing.

May Day McStrike

ON INTERNATIONAL WORKERS DAY, 1st May, workers at five McDonald’s stores went on strike to demand £10 an hour, an end to youth rates, the option of guaranteed hours and for their right to a union to be respected. The day was a massive success.