Government in meltdown

Precisely because the Tories fear a Corbyn-led Labour government so much, they will cling to office for as long as possible. Power is not guaranteed to fall into our hands either next year or the year after, however much we want it in order to make a difference.


The reality for women is that in all aspects of their lives, men will overstep the mark. The labour movement really must ask itself some tough questions in the next few weeks, scrutinising past behaviour and ensuring that in future no inappropriate behaviour goes unchallenged.

"No borders in not just a slogan"

Labour Briefing talked to Ewa Jasiewicz about the chapter she contributed to the forthcoming book For the many: Preparing Labour for Power, edited by Mike Phipps (OR Books). Ewa works as an organiser for the National Education Union and is a climate justice activist. She spoke in a personal capacity - all her ideas are her own.

The Lynching

Jackie’s play is not a diatribe or even a polemic narrative (as a lesser artist might have rendered it), but a very skilfully crafted work of art.