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Letter to all International and Regional Actors in Sudan

In the early hours of today, the 9th of April 2019, forces of the National

Intelligence and Security Services (NISS), backed with Islamist militias, attacked

peaceful protestors in front of the Headquarters of the Armed Forces, where a

massive sit-in began on the 6th of April and continues to this moment. This

attack, which lasted for over two hours, was the third of its kind since the

beginning of the sit-in, but this time it was more violent and on a larger scale,

leading to several casualties. Members of the armed forces intervened again to

protect the protestors but after some delay. NISS forces are still attacking groups

of peaceful protestors who are trying to join the sit-in.

It is clear that the regime of Omar al-Bashir and its security apparatus intend to

continue using violence and excessive force against those who are exercising

their right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression. The nature of the

political crisis in Sudan is clearly demonstrated in yet another case--the National

Congress Party (NCP) regime rules with complete tyranny, using violence and

the security apparatus to guard itself against the people. In over four months of

protests, the regime has lost all legitimacy to continue ruling the country.

It is time for the international and regional community to listen to the voice of

conscience and help speed up the inevitable democratic transformation in Sudan

by giving it their clear support. Further delay in doing so will lead to more

casualties and the risk of instability. The regime’s attempt to manipulate the

situation by offering to reopen the discredited national dialogue is a repeated

tactic that is neither genuine nor acceptable.

The Sudanese people continue to stand alone in the face of the regime’s brutal

apparatus. We urge the international and regional community to stop turning a

blind eye to the ongoing situation in Sudan and to respond in an appropriate way

to the crimes committed by Bashir’s regime.

Rethinking military policy

Rethinking military policy

NHS - love is not enough

NHS - love is not enough