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Honduras: Make a Stand

Honduras: Make a Stand

THE Honduran Alliance Against Dictatorship have been protesting for months on the streets against alleged fraud in last November’s presidential elections.

Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry has written to the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson seeking clarification on whether the correct arms exports procedures were followed for sales of software equipment. She has also queried whether the government departments involved were told what the Honduran government would use the equipment for and had checked to verify this.

Sales are illegal where there is a “clear risk that goods may be used for internal repression.” But according to arms export control committee member Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP, “the government sold Honduras monitoring and decrypting technology expressly designed to eavesdrop on its citizens, months before the state rounded up thousands of people in a well-orchestrated surveillance operation.”

It is time for us to speak up in solidarity with those protesting and resisting in Honduras. We need to raise our voices to call on the UK and US governments to stop propping up this illegitimate regime.

  • Chris Williamson is President of Labour Friends of Progressive Latin America. You can follow them at https://www.facebook.com/ 

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