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McDonalds victory!

McDonalds victory!


THE BAKERS’ UNION (BFAWU) welcomes the pay rise of 6.7% announced by the McDonald’s corporation. It demonstrates that when workers stand together and take strike action we can win.

We congratulate those who took strike action and stood up for fairness. This increase is due to their courage and commitment to improving working conditions and the lives of those who work in McDonald’s.

Our members have faced injustices - exploitative employment practices as well as low pay. On 4th September, after trying to resolve our grievances, our members took strike action calling on McDonald’s to raise pay and end its use of zero-hours contracts and its culture of bullying. By taking this action our members shone a light on an organisation that has led the race to the bottom not just in the UK but across the world.

These courageous workers demanded to be treated with dignity and respect - something that all workers deserve. When you work for the second largest employer in the world which makes profits in the tens of billions, you expect to be able to receive a wage that enables you to live.

This pay rise is a step in the right direction for all McDonald’s workers but it is by no means the end of the campaign. If just 30 workers can lift wages above anything McDonald’s have paid in recent history, then imagine what we can do when thousands organise across McDonald’s.


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