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Justice for the Craigavon Two and Tony Tailore

THE LABOUR REPRESENTATION Committee (LRC) is hosting a parliamentary meeting on behalf of Justice for the Craigavon Two and Tony Taylor on Monday 19th November. This meeting will be chaired by Chris Williamson (Labour MP for Derby North). Speakers will include Clare Daly, Maureen O’Sullivan, Mick Wallace, Thomas Pringle (Independent Socialist TDs from Ireland), Eamon O’Cuiv (Fianna Fail TD) and others.

We are the only grouping in the Labour Party to campaign against the British government’s injustices inflicted on Irish Republican prisoners. John McDonnell organised a parliamentary lobby meeting for the release of Marian Price in 2012. Sadly, there has been no sign of Amnesty International’s involvement!

The Craigavon Two are Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton who were falsely convicted on remote evidence in a Diplock court, without a jury, of the murder of police constable Stephen Carroll in 2009. The Diplock courts are used in exceptional circumstances despite their abolition in 2004. Witness M claimed to have seen Brendan during the incident of the murder but suffered from two eye conditions that made his alleged version of events impossible to prove.

And the tagging device on John Paul Wootton’s car during the night of Stephen Carroll’s murder was destroyed by British intelligence. Therefore John Paul could not prove his whereabouts and innocence of this murder.

In addition, the Craigavon Two were convicted under ‘joint enterprise’ which allows for more than one person to be charged and convicted of the same crime. Justice for the Craigavon Two is supported by a major campaign group called JENGbA (Joint Enterprise Not Guilty by Association).

Tony Taylor has been interned for two years with no reason provided to date, except as a generic risk to security. Tony has been a campaigner against austerity in the North of Ireland and his licence under the Good Friday Agreement has been revoked. His young family are extremely distressed and he also has an autistic son.

» If you are interested in attending this meeting and joining our campaign, please do not hesitate to contact Austin Harney, LRC National Executive Committee, on au5tin67@yahoo.co.uk

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