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30 July: Jeremy’s rally in Hull

30 July: Jeremy’s rally in Hull

THE CROWDS WALKING to Queen’s Gardens from all sides of the city reminded me of the tide of humanity you see converging on KC Stadium for a rugby or Hull City match. It was packed, over a thousand people there apparently, and quietly good humoured through the live music before the warm-up speeches - and finally Jeremy himself. The best thing about his speech was the total absence of abuse, rudeness or criticism of the sort he and Momentum are subjected to all the time. He was courteous and generous (praising the PLP for 22 parliamentary successes against the Tories) and was serious, sober and sincere. He talked about inequalities of income, health and life chances, education, housing, university tuition fees and the need for investment all over the country, conveying a positive hopeful determined spirit about what a Labour government needs to care about and do. Uplifting, inspiring

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