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Blow for Hull MP Alan Johnson as local party back Jeremy Corbyn.

Blow for Hull MP Alan Johnson as local party back Jeremy Corbyn.

For full story see Hull Daily Mail

Labour supporters in Alan Johnson’s Hull West and Hessle constituency have given their backing to Jeremy Corbyn. Members who attended a meeting of the constituency party last night voted 48-7 in favour of a motion supporting the embattled Labour leader. The motion was tabled in response to a series of attacks on Mr Corbyn by Labour MPs. After the Brexit vote Mr Johnson delivered a stinging verdict on Mr Corbyn’s performance during the European Referendum, claiming the Labour leader’s office had ‘undermined’ Labour’s Remain campaign. Mr Johnson then wrote to his constituency party members explaining his decision to support a vote of no-confidence by Labour MPs in Mr Corbyn. In the letter, he said: ‘Jeremy Corbyn has neither the ability, nor I believe the desire, to lead our party into government.’

Mr Johnson did not attend last night’s constituency party meeting held at The Octagon in Walker Street. One Labour source said: ‘Alan Johnson has been one of Mr Corbyn’s most severe critics so this vote will be seen as a blow to his authority.’ Focus now switches to Saturday’s Hull North Constituency Labour Party meeting, when another motion supporting Mr Corbyn will be debated by party members. The motion, submitted by Unison Labour Link, also calls on CLP members to ‘condemn the actions of those who are seeking to divide the party and overturn the leaders’ democratic mandate.’ It adds: ‘The Hull City branch of Unison overwhelmingly supported Jeremy Corbyn in his campaign for leadership of the Labour Party and is dismayed and angered by the antics of a section of the Parliamentary Labour Party who have sought to undermine our democratically-elected leader. ‘This branch notes that these same Labour MPs would not have been elected without the efforts of ordinary members, trudging through the streets in the rain to deliver leaflets, putting the party’s case across on the doorstep, organising in communities and paying their regular subscriptions.’ Hull North MP Diana Johnson was among a number of MPs who resigned from the Labour shadow cabinet claiming Mr Corbyn was not up the job of leading the party to victory in the next General Election.

For the full story see Hull Daily Mail

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