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Canterbury joins the struggle!

Canterbury joins the struggle!

Graham Bash from the Briefing editorial board addressing a rally for Corbyn in Canterbury called by South East Kent Momentum held on 16th July. Called with just a few days notice, the rally attracted at least 250 supporters from local Labour Parties and Momentum groups. Before the rally there was a march through central Canterbury.
Graham explained that the attempted coup by the PLP was aimed not just at Corbyn but at the membership of the Labour Party itself. " This is an act of war, class war, by the forces of the establishment within the Labour Party. They are afraid of everything Jeremy stands for. They are desperate. First they tried to remove Jeremy from the ballot paper. That failed. Now they are trying to remove a large section of the Party from the electorate for the leadership ballot. We must resist and win this fight and change the Party so it becomes a real party of labour', he argued.

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