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Black lives matter!

Black lives matter!

A huge rally and march took place yesterday (Saturday July 9) in Brixton, with hundreds of campaigners coming to protest at the continuing death toll of citizens at the hands of the police, both in the UK and USA.

The event was organised by the London Black Revolutionaries, and started with a rally at Brixton’s Windrush Square at 4pm, before marching along Brixton Road to the police station, and then up Gresham Road and Coldharbour Lane, before blocking off the road at the junction outside the Town Hall.

Brixton’s main road junctions were then completely occupied for about four hours, with massive tail-backs in all directions. Around the mainly black crowd stood 300 or so police, every one of them white. Although lining up with batons they seemed a bit scared and, on this occasion at least, apparently anxious to avoid confrontation.

For photos and full report, see Brixton Buzz.

Labour take the power!

So I went to a CLP meeting