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For a crack down on tax avoidance!

You can’t leave it to the Tories to tackle systemic tax avoidance. That would be like entrusting one of the Hatton Garden burglars with the key to your safety deposit box.

On Thursday we learned that David Cameron himself wrote a 2013 letter to the European Union arguing that offshore trusts should not be subject to the same transparency rules as companies.

The Panama papers confirmed this week that when it comes to avoiding tax, half the Tory establishment are experts at it.

It is only be acting globally that we can hope to tackle unethical behaviour of the kind exposed this week by the leaked Panama papers.

The EU has led the way on tax avoidance by coordinating the international drive to crack down on the individuals and institutions who hide money offshore. The EU has established tax co-operation procedures amongst its own member states.

And in the wake of the HSBC Swiss tax scandal, the EU signed tax transparency agreements with haven such as Switzerland, Lichtenstein, San Marino, Monaco and Andorra. The UK would not be part of these if we left the EU.

And the EU has been more prepared than many national governments – including our own – to take action against multinationals such as Fiat, Starbucks and Apple to ensure they pay their fair share of tax.

North West looking bright

North West looking bright

'I am in favour of decriminalizing the sex industry' (Jeremy Corbyn)

'I am in favour of decriminalizing the sex industry' (Jeremy Corbyn)