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Jewish anti-Zionist sues Labour over suspension

Jewish anti-Zionist sues Labour over suspension

Jackie Walker is suing the party’s general secretary, Iain McNicol, for what she says was a breach of data protection laws. She told Labour Briefing that her case was only one of many such breaches made by the party bureaucracy in the UK over the last year.

Her lawyer, Martin Howe, states: “Jackie Walker has faced a barrage of hurtful, threatening and nasty abuse since the private details of her investigation by the Labour Party over alleged anti-Semitism was leaked to the press before even she knew of her suspension by the party.”

He said the breach “led directly to her being prejudged and unfairly cast as a racist before she was given any opportunity to tell her side of the story.”

Walker has launched a crowd-funding campaign to cover her legal costs. She said she hoped the case would force an “immediate revamping of the Compliance Unit and the way it operates.”

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