In accordance with Labour Briefing’s long-standing traditions of pluralist debate and providing a right of reply to controversial articles, Louise Richards, Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign Action Group, responds to Mike Phipps’s article on Repression in Nicaragua, published on December 17th 2018.

Radicalising Labour's housing policy

John Healey's office has told us that they don't know how many council homes will be built because it's up to councils to decide. Yet Labour can determine how many council homes it aspires to have built by deciding on the amount of grant available to councils.

The criminalisation of solidarity

Mike Phipps reviews The shrinking space for solidarity with migrants and refugees: how the European Union and Member States target and criminalize defenders of the rights of people on the move, a new report from the Transnational Institute, by Yasha Maccanico, Ben Hayes, Samuel Kenny and Frank Barat