Labour's Manifesto is very different from Jeremy Corbyn's own pledge on council housing, argues Martin Wicks, in an article that originally appeared at https://keepourcouncilhomes.wordpress.com/2017/07/24/what-is-labours-council-housing-policy/

Previous Labour governments have been responsible for some of the policies that contributed to the disaster. Now, more than ever, the Party needs to oppose social cleansing and stand up for council housing and the people who live in it.

The UK economy has in recent years depended on a consumer boom and a big increase in immigration of young people from Eastern Europe and the EU. There has been no increase in the number of UK-born in employment over the last year. All the net increase in employment has been due to those born abroad.

Trump, Saudi Arabia and the rule of big oil

One of Saudi Arabia’s leading religious figures, Salah bin Humaid, who is both the imam of the Grand Mosque at Mecca and the speaker of the crown-appointed consultative assembly, was recently filmed firing rockets at Yemen, while his followers shouted out religious slogans.