Hard times in Honduras

A week after apparently losing an election in which he was constitutionally barred from standing, the president of Honduras seems to have carried out a coup to keep himself in power. John Perry reports from Central America.

Momentum and the Labour left - which way forward?

What does Momentum mean by a "transformative socialist movement"? Is the working class just a stage army to wheel out to reinforce the will of parliamentarians? Or does it mean working class communities taking power into their own hands, occupying workplaces, seizing the centres of power, defying bureaucrats and the establishment to rip up power by the roots, in alliance with socialists in Parliament?

POLICE RAIDS ON OFFICES of the Australian Workers’ Union (AWU) are being described as “politically motivated”, with global unions threatening to mount a campaign for sanctions against the Australian government for violation of workers’ rights.

The government is rushing to enact a Domestic Violence Bill which could further undermine the rights of women to safe, effective support, as it ignores the specific gender inequalities which women face.