The membership of Unite should support Len McCluskey in his campaign for re-election as General Secretary.

Health Campaigns Together and the People’s Assembly have called a national demonstration in London on March 4, with the general slogan “It’s Our NHS” – opposing cuts, privatisation and under-funding of social care.

Suarez’s book explains why commanders of the Irgun and Stern gangs - Begin, Ben-Gurion, and Shamir - became the new state’s leaders, why Israel has never defined its eastern border and why from 1949 successive peace talks have failed.

Trump: Business as Usual?

The US could well be isolated – at odds with much of the world on issues as diverse as Palestine, human rights and climate justice – and all the more dangerous as a result.

OBITUARY: Linda Clarke

Linda's interests were wide, from English literature, theatre and film to the blues and jazz of Billie Holliday and Miles Davis, and to cricket and travelling. Despite her many disabilities, Linda kept politically engaged. She lived life to the full and was an inspiration.