“The job of the grassroots is not simply to get Labour elected and to defend it in government. Rather, it’s the other way round: the job of the Labour Party must be to serve the movements that will transform the economy, society and politics."

Norman Thomas, vice-chair South Thanet CLP, reviews People Get Ready! Preparing for a Corbyn Government, by Christine Berry and Joe Guinan, Or Books, £12.

Marriage equality: still not a UK-wide civil right

When representatives of the campaign for marriage equality in Northern Ireland attended the Pink News Awards in London two years ago, they were surprised when the great and good of the organised British LGBT community started asking them, “You don’t have same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland? Are you sure?”.

We’re sure… we’ve checked.

Left gains in Spain

PSOE were the biggest winners, up from their 85 seat minority government to 123 seats, the largest party by far in Parliament. Podemos and its coalition with other left parties won 42 seats, giving the left a total of 165 seats, 11 short of a majority.