The Honduran catastrophe

What conditions are fuelling the exodus of Hondurans into the migrant caravan journeying north to the US border? Mike Phipps reviews The Long Honduran Night, by Dana Frank, published by Haymarket Books

Liverpool is a red city. A real Labour stronghold. Whenever Corbyn or McDonnell appear there, they attract huge enthusiastic crowds, but some of its MPs are out of kilter with that mood. Not least the right wing Labour MP Luciana Berger, parachuted into Liverpool Wavertree by Tony Blair against the local party’s wishes.

Complicity in murder

“Nothing better illustrates the immorality of Britain’s relationship with the Gulf states than its support for the Saudi war on Yemen, much of which consists of aerial bombardment”. Mike Phipps review AngloArabia, by David Wearing, published by Polity

South Thanet: Endorse Rebecca immediately!

On Tuesday 22 January, the Organisation Committee of the Labour Party's National Executive Committee refused to review – or even discuss – the decision by a three-person panel not to endorse Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt.

South Thanet Labour Party has overwhelmingly rejected the NEC’s decision, and hundreds of emails have been sent to the NEC by Labour Party members from across East Kent asking them to review Rebecca’s case.

This phenomenal support – combined with her conviction that the allegations against her are unfounded – has convinced Rebecca to consider an action in the High Court. This case is vital to Labour Party democracy, representing justice for the many not the few.

Please support Rebecca’s campaign to raise funds for legal costs:

Only a Labour Government can solve the crisis

As we go to press, a cross-party initiative is proposing a bill to allow MPs to usurp the functions of government, delay Article 50 and rule out a No Deal Brexit. In practice this may be the surest way to give teeth to Jeremy's demand and take No Deal right off the table once and for all.