The bigger picture

There’s a responsibility on the whole movement now - left and right, party and unions - to see the bigger picture and recognise that we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bring down the curtain on 40 years of neo-liberal greed and turn a new page.

Afghan activists rising

While Britain deploys an additional 1,000 troops in Afghanistan,
Afghan peace activists rally and organise for self determination

(Picture: Street kids protest in Kabul, photo by Dr Hakim)

An honour - not a right

THE FIRE BRIGADES UNION (FBU) conference in June made a bold and significant intervention into the Labour Party’s Democracy Review by demanding the party adopt mandatory reselection of MPs in each parliament.

Fixing the UK economy

“Though the commission on Economic Justice puts forward coherent solutions to the excesses of our current model, it doesn’t begin to recognise the depth of the issue.”